International Expert Membership


Transforming the global economy in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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Transforming the global economy in a responsible and sustainable manner.

International Expert Membership

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International Expert Membership Opportunities

This level of membership is  pitched at Practitioner and Academic Post Graduate attainment and also depends on succeeding in our Institute examinations held twice a year at the GEI. It is also only available on deliberation of our academic committee. Members have used it to for example as evidence in support of a new professorial position or professional promotion, or to endorse their research or other activities or academic writing. Commonly this might be a level used by Post Graduate Organic Farmers involved in an aspect of implementing the Green Economy. Or it might be for academics with for example 2 PHDs in economics and another field.  Please ask if it might be possible to apply for this level.

The new member applicant first pays for the membership on the new www. Website and then provides by email to  the following documents:

  • A cv
  • Covering email letter of motivation
  • 3 referees contact details ( who we will be contacting for detailed support of your application)
  • Fills in a membership form


  • These go to our membership applications committee
  • Subject to their agreement, which is final, then the Membership Manager issues the Membership Card and acceptance email letter for the calendar year and guidelines for membership and opportunities and invitations to various membership meetings and inclusion in activities. The membership Manager then telephones the new member to welcome them and to discuss how they can get the best out of their GEI membership and discusses opportunities for realising the new members own aims as well as the requirements of the Institute.

Membership is an award not a right and everyone must apply to become a member. The Green Economics Institute reserves the right to ask for more details and to interview all applicants and refuse membership if they feel it is unsuitable for you or for us. If any tries   to bring the Institute into disrepute or we are concerned about the effect of a person’s membership,  then membership is terminated and the Chair of Trustees decision is final in this matter.

Membership Fee: £120.00 pp per calendar year