We believe strongly in Caring, Sharing and Supporting each other, reforming economics, reclaiming it for all of us.  We work on the philosophy and background to economics and prevailing ideas and our global network of innovators and change makers has already influenced world debates and policies in this direction.

We also work for the benefit of other species, the planet and raise awareness of longer term thinking in economics, policy making and project impacts.

We are an international network of 20,000 people and are always pleased to welcome new innovators, change makers and visionary thinkers at all levels.

We have world class speakers on many topics related to social and environmental justice. We publish books and Research Reports and also run academic and policy conferences mainly at Oxford University and around the world as well.

Each year we have a programme for new Innovators and people come and study with us to learn about our unique methodology, future visioning and ideas.

If you would like to help with our campaign for a Change in Economics both in practice, policy and in Universities – get in touch with us now and tell us about your own vision for a better future and we will show you how you can help create a real alternative in the world.